Paulina Aguilar is an experienced motivational speaker, life, and business coach, who is in the process of writing her first book. The owner and CEO of Paulina Aguilar International, Paulina provides life and business coaching to clients around the world.

Paulina has over fourteen years of sales experience that resulted in her achieving the number one rep at all her companies. Her sales records have highlighted a career acknowledged by many in her industry. Paulina is an expert at building sales strategies that have increased company revenues while also allowing her to develop successful relationships with her clients, business partners and employees.

Paulina has trained under world renowned life, business and spiritual coaches and holds a variety of certifications in all of these modalities. She has lived the life transformation herself, so she teaches from life experience, knowledge and following spiritual guidance.

Paulina- teaches the knowledge of empowerment, allowing you to stand up for your beliefs, to achieve success and to fulfill your true potential. She believes in self strength, self-love, compassion and forgiveness. Her training utilizes simple concepts that many people from different spheres can relate to and follow to become the best versions of themselves.