” Allow yourself to discover how life can be wonderful, full of exciting and happy moments, and that you are stronger than you think! “

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It is time to be open to all the great things that this wonderful world has to offer. Let them show up in your life. Let’s open our hearts and our pockets to the abundance that is here for you.

I will empower you with the confidence needed to live from your essence, living life purposefully with renewed happiness.

I have been where you are right now … you are not alone! I have experienced hardships, heartaches, financial worries, disappointment, confusion, and anxiety and I have learned how to transform that negative energy into inner power to be successful, strong, determined, and happy again! My goal is to share these tools with you so that you, too, can experience life in this amazing place of awareness.

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Let’s commit ourselves to live in the moment, to learn to listen to our inner soul, to find our inner peace, to be free of judgments, to let go of all the pain that is holding us hostage in our own hearts, and DECIDE to take charge of our own lives.

If you are reading this now … you are ready to begin! Now, let’s take the first steps together to make this transformation a reality.

“Paulina Aguilar is a woman who has shown us through her own life experiences how not to minimize our worlds. She has given us the possibility of recognizing that every situation with great challenges that we face through our own walk in life is for the sole purpose of recognizing who we truly are. This process has been used by Paulina to transform her life without fear to make a mistake, following her heart and knowing that now she is ready to share it with people whom just like her or many of us, in one moment or another, need of that guide, love and light and Paulina is that person for you!”

– Rita Barba C
Transpersonal Clinical Psychologist

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