My Story

I am leaving Ecuador, my home country. I am flying to the USA and I am excited, nervous, scared. I am twenty years old and I am going by myself, leaving my past, my family, everything I know, my whole world behind. I thought that the beginning of my new life was starting right then; I thought that I was in charge. Who knew that before I could actually start living my authentic life, I would have so many lessons to learn? (Who knew that Clorox and black clothes are not friends?)

Transitioning to a New World

So now, I arrived to Washington DC and oh, oh … I don’t speak the language. Why does everybody speak so fast? How was I going to find a job? How was I going to survive? I needed to get all my “ducks in the road” What? That is not how the saying goes? Help!

I had left Ecuador to start a new life. I had seen deceit, cheating, and lots of alcohol around me. I had been abused sexually and physically and all I wanted was to forget all of it and run away … Ironically, when I moved to the States, my personal relationships followed pretty much the same pattern of abuse, alcohol, and deceit that I had experienced in the past. I thought I ran away from these problems!

Economically, I was surviving.. I had to learn how to manage money and find better opportunities. When I applied for jobs, I was told that I was not qualified or that my heavy accent would turn away potential clients. One day a good friend thought I might have what it takes to make it in sales. Someone believed in me and it helped me believe in myself. I learned to use my Spanish accent as a strength and I learned to listen, really listen to people.

Motivation moves you to the next level …

I used all the rejection and naysaying as motivation to never let myself give up. I became the number one sales rep for my company. My self-esteem was sky-high; my commitment to succeed was stronger than ever; I was secure in what I was doing. I followed my heart and even though it took me years, I was at the top of my profession.

While my career was flourishing my personal life was falling apart. I was married, but the constant conflict at home was affecting every part of my life. I was a mother of a one-and-one-half year old amazing little boy, but marital issues just kept getting worse. Do you remember earlier what I said about running into old patterns of abuse, alcohol, and deceit?

I found myself in a divorce. I felt like my world was ending. What do I do? Where do I go? How am I going to survive? My little boy depends on me. How did I lose myself? My floor is moving and I can’t stop crying. At that point, I search deep in my heart, and start talking to God, asking, begging him for help. I was raised in the Catholic faith and God has always been my rock but I knew I had to take control over my life.

Healing myself, finding my inner strenght …

I focused my energy in healing myself. I participated in learning, studying, therapy and whatever I had to do to become a better person for my son, for my family, for myself. My son and I had a great time together and we have a very special type of bond to this day, but I knew that when the time was right, my perfect match would reveal himself. (spoiler: he did!)

The circle of perpetual destructive relationships had broken and I am free to follow my dreams…..and I wish this for each of one of you!

Finding Happiness

So now, that my life is in a place where I am supported, loved unconditionally, successful and happy with myself, I am ready to share with you and the world the steps I took to get here. How I evolved from nothing to success: from leaving my country, scared and insecure, to finding the American dream. Through creating my own dream and making it a reality, I became successful and the number one rep in my company. I am proud of every part of my life, I have no resentments, no regrets and I am only grateful for every lesson learned. Without each memory, good or bad, I would not have the wonderful opportunity of sharing my life with you!